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Secret Services and poor innocent Citizens

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While talking to a team-mate I told her ‘There is a good news and a bad news for you guys.’
‘ What are those ?’ she asked.
‘ Good is that Pakistan admitted India attack Links.’
‘ And What’s bad ?’
Some RAW agents got caught in Pakistan
‘ Is it So? ‘
‘Yes !’, I said.
Another of my team-mate interrupted ‘Have you seen the movie Main Hoon Na ?’
‘No’, I said.
‘They just capture innocent citizen and show  them as RAW agent’.

Just two hours ago I was reading a Pakistani news claiming vice versa.
RAW wields considerable influence in Nepal and the unfortunate people who got trapped by the agency had gone to Nepal on legal travelling documents.
Kasab and many of those arrested in Nepal and transferred to India would be killed in fake encounters and their bodies used to authenticate sinister scenarios fabricated by Indian agencies.
The article was about 2006 detention of Kasab from Nepal.
I don’t know who is true or  who is not . But citizens of both countries believe that the other nation is capturing poor innocent citizen in name of terrorist/secret agent.


Written by elitewarrior

February 12, 2009 at 11:14 pm

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